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Why Easy Tanks


If you want the freedom to use your Tank for potable (drinking quality) water, a Stainless Steel water tank is unrivalled in quality. You are probably aware that Stainless Steel is used extensively in the food preparation, food processing, pharmaceutical and medical fields. That is no accident- where hygiene is important, Stainless Steel is more often the not the mandated material.


The reputation of stainless steel as a strong, durable and hygienic material is unsurpassed. This reputation is so well founded that stainless steel is mandatory for exclusive use in harsh environments like food and pharmaceutical processing plants, hospitals.

Stainless Steel tanks do not bulge or stretch when full. The strength of steel means the tanks comfortably hold the large forces generated by tones of water. Steel tanks have been around for more than 100 years so the structural long life is a proven fact. Polyethylene water tanks (poly or plastic water tanks) will always have some degree of flex in them.


The longevity of Stainless Steel products is well- known. The maintenance needs of a Stainless Steel Water Tank are minimal. Stainless Steel Water Tanks suffer no degradation of quality due to UV radiation from sunlight. The Tanks have NO liners or fused internal coatings to deteriorate. Their resistance to corrosion is guaranteed for 20 YEARS. The life of a Stainless Steel Tank is often likely to be longer than that of its owner!


Stainless Steel is a very long lasting material and the tank has an expected service life of about 60 years. It is also important to recognize that if your tank is no longer required at any time, that the material is completely recyclable, and may be readily reclaimed and reused. This makes a steel tank the best environmental alternative.

  • They never rust! (it's stainless steel)
  • They look 'fantastic'
  • There's no 'plastic taste' if you’re planning on using the water for drinking
  • Stainless water tanks won't degrade in sunlight (like some polyurethane tanks)
  • Every tank is custom-made to your requirements
  • They are 100% recyclable, so will never be added to landfill

Long Life

A Stainless Steel Tank has a service life well in excess of forty (40) years and will add value to any property, and is the only tank which can be fully recycled. When a stainless steel tank reaches the end of its effective service life, possibly in 50 to 60 years, it will be worth a considerable amount of money as scrap metal. Given the rate of inflation and the constantly escalating cost of raw materials, this tank may be worth more as scrap metal than its original cost and in 70 years time our grandchildren can use the steel for something else (or cash it in).


Your Stainless Steel Rainwater Tank is a statement in quality and style, standing out from the crowd. It’s an elegant addition to any home that makes your water Tank a beautiful feature and a real property value enhancer.

The traditional steel tank not only looks iconic, but it is less bulky than other alternatives. This is especially noticeable in the slimline format where polyethylene tanks are typically much larger for the same capacity of water. The same applies for the round tank where the flatter roof structure of a steel tank means more water right to the top of the tank, compared to the unused air gap in domed roofed plastic tanks.

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