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Bold & Beautiful

  • They never rust! (it's stainless steel)
  • They look 'fantastic'
  • There's no 'plastic taste' if you’re planning on using the water for drinking
  • Stainless water tanks won't degrade in sunlight (like some polyurethane tanks)
  • Every tank is custom-made to your requirements
  • They are 100% recyclable, so will never be added to landfill
  • Effective service life of over 50 years

Double Protection System

Anti corrosive food grade coating approved for potable water storage applications

Prevents corrosion due to deposit of contaminants


Easy Cleaning

Unique rounded base with special drain fitting at the bottom ensures complete draining of the tank till the last drop of water


Large manhole

Facilitates easy inspection and maintanance of the water tank


Lockable Lid

Prevents entry of insects and unwanted objects from entering the tank


Extra reinforced body

Adds structural integrity to the tank to withstand any pressure exerted by the water


UPVC and Stainless steel fittings

Factory fitted food grade fittings avoides any messy sitework


Water level controller (Optional)

Prevents wastage of water due to overflow

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