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Care & Maintenance

Easy Stainless Steel water tanks are designed to give you years of trouble free performance. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of your Stainless steel tank, it is important that the tank is cleaned and maintained properly.

  • Use only mild detergents or soap to clean if necessary. For any stubborn stains, you may use soft scrubs. (Do not use Steel Wool).
  • Cleaning your Easy Stainless Steel tank is a simple task:

  • Do not use your tank top for storage purposes. Nails, washers, screws and other steel items will leave ugly marks on your tank. If this happens, ask us for advice on how to remove them.
  • Easy Stainless Tanks can be relocated should the need arise. It is paramount that the tank is completely empty before attempting to move it.
    While Easy Classic Tanks can be emptied by simply opening the bottom drain, the Easy pride and Easy Slimline tanks requires an extra effort to empty them. When there is no water flowing out of the outlet, DO NOT ASSUME THE TANK IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. The tank has to be tilted to ensure all water has been removed. If any attempt is made to move the tank, whilst there is water still inside – SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE WILL OCCUR. If in doubt, ask for advice.
  • During the fitting operation of screwing your outlet cock into the outlet fitting of the tank, it is paramount to counter lock with a spanner, so that the outlet fitting will not spin in the tank. If the outlet fitting is allowed to spin, the seal will be broken and the fitting will leak.
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